Soukup Real Estate Services is a real estate brokerage focused on helping buyers and sellers find their dream home or sell their home for top dollar. We work with first time home buyers, investors and sellers every day. Fort Collins real estate is our life. Soukup Real Estate began investing in 2009 and never left real estate from there. The fix and flip gave us the taste and power of investment real estate. From their Soukup Real Estate has brokered, bought and sold millions of dollars worth of real estate. We love Fort Collins and Northern Colorado Real Estate and look forward to helping others along the way!

10 Steps to Success in Real Estate

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This isn't a seminar where we are going to get up and cheer. It isn't a get rich quick scheme of how to get involved with real estate with 0 money down. This is a book that walks you through the steps it takes to own and manage a rental property.

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