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Should You Move to Fort Collins Colorado?

Wondering if you should relocate to Fort Collins, Colorado? This blog post will help you decide!

The short answer is: absolutely yes, you should move to Fort Collins! But let’s keep it fun and start with reasons why you shouldn’t move here.

Why you SHOULDN’T move to Fort Collins, Colorado

  1. Housing prices. Yes, prices have gone up, but hey, perspective is key. So try to find a good deal when buying a house to avoid mortgaging your future. Comparing to Denver and Los Angeles, Fort Collins is still pretty affordable for the number one place to live (ranked by Livability)

  2. Lack of high-paying jobs. The key to the longevity of Fort Collins is to bring high-paying jobs to our town so hopefully, this will change in the future.

  3. Lack of diversity. Another issue we have here is the lack of diversity. Our population is 88% white. Hopefully, this will also change soon.

  4. You can’t buy property on land. If you’re looking for anything from half an acre and above, with a house that’s less than 30,000 square feet in Fort Collins, you will be paying $575,000 to get a property that will accommodate your needs.

Why you SHOULD move to Fort Collins

  1. Kind people. Everybody’s on their best behavior in Fort Collins, especially in the business world. If you’re looking for a place where people will smile at you when you cross the street, our town is the place to go!

  2. Good schools. The Poudre school district continues to outrank other schools in the state of Colorado. So if the quality of schools is important to you, consider moving to Fort Collins.

  3. A slower pace of living. Some people just want to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and practice mindfulness. Fort Collins is perfect for you if you’d like to relax, spend an afternoon on a patio, drink some beer, and enjoy.

  4. Healthy lifestyle choices. From skiing to hiking, Fort Collins and Northern Colorado in general have a lot to offer to those that want to improve their lifestyle.

  5. Close to all the amenities that the world has to offer. Fort Collins is only a 45-55 minute drive to DIA airport and a 60-minute drive to Denver. This means you can either catch a flight or the professional sports teams playing in Denver, depending on what you decide to do for fun in your free time.

I hope this blog post helped you set your mind straight and decide whether you want or don’t want to move to Fort Collins, Colorado. If you need any help finding your dream home here, I’d like to help you out! Drop me a text or call me and we’ll get started!

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